Product Review: Roberto Cavalli Just Cavalli Fragrance

by Gio

roberto cavalli just cavalli fragrance

Name: Just Cavalli
Brand: Roberto Cavalli
Size: 1.7oz
Price: $60.00

What I liked:
– if you like creamy floral scents with a spicy kick, this is for you
– good sillage and staying power
– the bottle

What I didn’t like:
– unoriginal and boring
– some may find the scent too simple

I used to be a fan of Roberto Cavalli fragrances. They were commercial, of course, but had a little something that distinguished them from the rest of the boring concoctions his fellow designers keep throwing at us. Then, he partnered up with Coty, discontinued all its previous scents and, in their place, gave us Roberto Cavalli Eau De Parfum, a bland and unoriginal amber-based floral scent. Still, I kept hoping their next effort would be better. Far from it. It’s worse.

Just Cavalli is a watered-down, more youthful version of Roberto Cavalli EDP. It is described as a creamy white floral scent, which is partly true. But Just Cavalli also has a darker side to it. Not so dark to make it interesting or original, but it does make it slightly provocative. Just Cavalli starts with a bright drop of neroli, an essential oil produced from blossoms of the bitter orange tree. I can also catch whiffs of something greeny and spicy (probably pepper) that will hang around, albeit more and more subtly as the minutes pass, in the heart of the scent.

This middle stage is dominated by tiare flowers. They’re warm, powdery and very, very sweet. Only little sprinkles of pepper keep this sweetness from becoming overpowering. The drydown features a mild palissander wood note mixed with a dollop of synthetic musk. Musk is not mentioned in the official notes, but it is quite strong so you can easily smell it. All the notes work well together, but the result isn’t anything spectacular. It’s just another feminine and sensual sweet floral scent with a spicy kick that’s quite easy to wear.

If you like its dark side, that is. I think its spicy whiffs are the only thing that’s interesting about this scent, but most women tend to favour floral scents that are only sweet, creamy and bright. If that’s you, Just Cavalli won’t be for you. If you decide to try it, don’t spritz on too much. It’s not a very strong scent, but not even a subtle one either, and will linger on your skin for about 8 hours. Unless you’re going out at night, you won’t need to reapply it.

Roberto Cavalli Just Cavalli is a sweet white floral scent with a mild woody base and a spicy kick. The scent is very simple, and has good sillage and staying power. However, it is also unoriginal: we’ve smelled it a hundred times already.

Rating: 3/5

Disclaimer: the review contains an affiliate link. For more information, please see my disclaimer.

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