Product Review: Pupa Vamp! Mascara in Chocolate Brown

by Gio

pupa vamp mascara chocolate brown 01

Name: Vamp! Mascara in Chocolate Brown
Brand: Pupa
Size: 9g
Price: €11,90

From Pupa’s website:
Vamp! mascara makes your eyelashes look just as spectacular as fake lashes, without having the bother to wear them. Stroke after stroke, volume gets exaggeratedly oversize, for thick, full and ultra dense lashes. The result? Striking, no doubt about it! With unbeatable hold and no smudging.

What I liked:
– brown colour provides a softer look for everyday looks
– the creamy and dense formula doesn’t weight lashes down
– hourglass-shaped wand makes application easy
– provides lots of length and a nice amount of volume
– wands separates lashes well
– longlasting, no smudging nor flaking
– sleek packaging

What I didn’t like:
– starts clumping when you apply a second coat
– doesn’t curl lashes (but then it doesn’t promise to)

Have you ever purchased a beauty product by mistake only to fall in love with it? That’s what happened to me with Pupa Vamp! Mascara in Chocolate Brown. To be fair, I was already in love with the Extra Black shade, and it was that one that I had gone at the shop to purchase.

I couldn’t believe my luck when I saw it on the shelf. Buying a mascara seems a very easy task, but this particular shade is always out of stock. That should tell you popular, and how amazing, it is. So, I happily picked up a box and, once home, I realised my mistake. Instead than Extra Black, I was holding Chocolate Brown in my hand. Those awful lights in the shops had deceived me!

pupa vamp mascara chocolate brown 02

You see, the packaging doesn’t mention the name of the shade, just the number (which I didn’t remember), next to which there’s a small box filled with the colour of the mascara inside. Under the wrong lightening conditions, the dark brown looked just like black. I was so disappointed at first. I never really had any uses for brown mascaras, and you really can’t return cosmetics here.

But then I thought, “well, I’m a beauty blogger. I’ll just review it. If I can tell other people how good (or bad) it is, my money won’t be wasted even if the mascara ends up lying in a drawer somewhere”. So, I put it on. And it was love at first swipe.

Very pigmented, Chocolate Brown coats the lashes with a dark brown shade that gives the lashes a look that’s intense but softer and less harsh than that you get with a black mascara. It’s just the perfect shade for daytime because it gives your lashes that extra oomph but in a natural way. And thanks to the hourglass-shaped wand, you’ll be able to reach even the tiniest lashes.

pupa vamp mascara chocolate brown 03

The formula is creamy and lightweight, coating the lashes without weighting them down or drying them out. One swipe adds quite a bit of length and some thickness too, but if you want more volume you’ll have to add to apply a second coat. Unfortunately, the mascara tends to clump when you do that, but the wand makes a great job at separating the lashes.

The intense and natural look you get with one swipe is impressive enough to satisfy and impress most women, so it’s unlikely you’ll feel the need to apply a second coat anyway. Once on, the mascara doesn’t budge, smudge nor flake for the whole day. You put it on the morning, and it’s still there in the evening. No panda eyes or flaking whatsoever. Amazing, isn’t it?

Pupa Vamp! Mascara in Chocolate Brown coats the lashes with a dark brown shade that gives them an intense but natural look suitable for the daytime. It provides length, some thickness and separation, but clumps when you apply more than one coat. Staying power is very impressive.

Rating: 4.5/5

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