Product Review: Bulgari Mon Jasmine Noir L’Eau Exquise Fragrance

by Gio

Name: Mon Jasmine Noir L’Eau Exquise
Brand: Bulgari
Size: 1.7oz
Price: $75.00

What I liked:
– elegant, clean spring scent
– beautiful bottle

What I didn’t like:
– predictable, lacks complexity
– average staying power

Usually whenever I’m testing a new perfume, I spend pretty much the entire day sniffing my wrist so that I can capture all its stages, notes and variations. I also get quite a few weird looks from strangers because of it, but oh well… That didn’t happen the first time I’ve worn Bulgari Mon Jasmine Noir L’Eau Exquise though. After spraying it on, I pretty much forgot I was wearing it. That’s how under-impressed I was.

The scent is pretty. It really is. It smells like a clear spring day. But it is also so boring and predictable. I didn’t need to smell it to know what would come next. And despite its name, Mon Jasmine Noir L’Eau Exquise has nothing noir about it at all. It’s a bright fragrance that opens with a fresh citrusy burst on a soft background of milky almonds. Tthey aren’t neither sweet nor sugary at all, which I really liked.

Jasmine, which smells fresh with subtle exotic accents, makes its appearance in the heart where it blends with a subtle tea note. It smells beautiful and makes you feel like you were relaxing with a good cup on tea in a beautiful luxuriant garden on a warm spring afternoon. When the flower starts to fade, a musky woody accord kicks in.

Bulgari Mon Jasmine Noir L’Eau Exquise is a delicate, clean, elegant scent that stays close to the skin. It is well-put together but it lacks complexity and originality. A lovely effort, just not good enough to justify its high price tag imho, especially since staying power is only average. Most fragrances easily last all day on me, but this one disappears after only 6 hours.

Despite the name, there’s nothing noir about Bulgari Mon Jasmine Noir L’Eau Exquise. This fragrance is clean and fresh like a clear spring day. It’s elegant but predictable and lacks complexity. Staying power is only average too.

Rating: 3/5

Disclaimer: the review contains an affiliate link. For more information, please see my disclaimer.

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Janessa October 23, 2012 - 3:38 am

Aw, I missed this post! >:O Grr. The packaging is really pretty and now that you’ve reviewed so many fragrances, I’m much pickier about scents! I love complicated scents now. :] Thanks for everything, Giorgia! Your blog has changed my life.

beautifulwithbrains October 23, 2012 - 6:01 am

Janessa, no worries. It’s a fragrance that’s easy to miss lol. I’m glad that I’ve made you appreciate complicated scents. There’s nothing wrong with wearing simple scents sometimes, but at this price point, they’d better come up with something more complex and original.

And aww you’re welcome. Your words mean a lot to me.


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