Product Review: Bottega Verde Notes For Two Eau De Toilette

by Gio

bottega verde note per due

Name: Notes For Two Eau De Toilette
Brand: Bottega Verde
Size: 100ml
Price: €24.90, but often on sale

What I liked:
– refreshing fruity scent
– suitable for any occasion
– although it leans more towards the feminine end of the spectrum, it can be worn by men too
– sleek bottle

What I didn’t like:
– not very original
– short staying power

Notes For Two is, according to Bottega Verde, “a fragrance to be lived together, as a couple”, and to be shared with that special man in your life. So, after dabbing some on me, I sprayed it on my boyfriend as well, and, although it smelled lovely on him too, I can’t help but think that this is a scent that leans more towards the feminine end of the spectrum and thus, more suitable for women. Still, some men can pull it off so if you find that someone is surreptitiously using your scent, you know who to blame. 😉

Notes For Two opens with a fresh cocktail of pineapple and papaya, but I can also smell a whiff of a slightly bitter citrus accord. The fragrance doesn’t change much as times goes on, but a new accord, composed of a subtle green tea note and hints of spicy nutmeg, makes it appearance. The fragrance is supposed to be created “for those who dream of extensive endless plains, for those who love nature”, but that’s not really the vibe I get from Notes For Two.

The scent reminds more of a cocktail you would sip on a beach on a hot summer day. Refreshing, slightly sparkling, but short-lived. I get only a couple of hours of wear from Notes For Two which is very disappointing even for an Eau De Toilette. This means that you will have to spend the day constantly reapplying it, and you’d better apply it generously if you want to smell it, as it is very subtle too. But at least the subtleness makes it inoffensive and so suitable for any occasion.

Bottega Verde Notes For Two Eau De Toilette is a refreshing fruity cocktail with subtle spicy accents that’s suitable for any occasion. However, it lacks originality and staying power and sillage is poor too. It’s not worth the retail price imo, but if you find it on sale, and you’re into this kind of scents, you may want to give it a sniff.

Rating: 3/5

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