Product Review: BareMinerals Faux Tan Matte

by Gio

Name: Faux Tan Matte
Brand: BareMinerals
Size: 2g
Price: $19.00

From BareMinerals’ website:
Our 100% pure bareMinerals complexion booster infuses skin with that soft, matte perfectly sun-kissed look you crave. Everyone from the fairest of fair to medium complexions can enjoy a matte, healthy-looking tan safely and sunlessly.

What I liked:
– perfect shade of brown, not too orange nor too muddy, will suit a wide variety of skintones
– perks up the complexion and gives it a natural, subtle glow
– very pigmented, but can easily be applied sheerly
– powder is finely milled and easy to blend
– can also be used to contour
– longlasting

What I didn’t like:
– application can be a bit messy
– some people may consider it too expensive

I’ve never understood people’s obsession for tanning. I love my pale skin and, even if I’ve often been told that I’m as pale as a ghost, I’ve always been proud of it and want to keep it that way. The sunkissed look may be pretty, but it’s not for me. That’s why I would never buy an all-over bronzer. But I was really glad when my friend Janessa (that girl spoils me!) sent me BareMinerals Faux Tan Matte. This stuff is awesome!

At first, I was sceptical. I’ve kept it on top of my vanity for a few days, wondering what to do with it, before finally deciding to give it a go. First, I swatched it, and panicked a bit when I saw how dark it was. “This is never gonna work for my pale skin,” I thought. Still, I grabbed a big fluffy brush, picked up a tiny amount of product and began to apply it with a very light hand.


Applied this way, the bronzer perked up my complexion in a subtle, natural way. It didn’t make me look tanned (although it probably would have if I had built the colour up a tiny bit more), but it warmed up my skin beautifully and gave it a lovely glow. Although I don’t wear this on a daily basis, I always get compliments when I do. As soon as my stupid eye allergies subside, I’ll do a FOTD so you’ll be able to see it in action.

The bronzer is a true brown shade. It’s not too orange, nor too muddy, nor too shimmery. It does contain shimmers, but these are so subtle they can barely be seen once applied. They are so subtle, in fact, that you can also use Faux Tan Matte to contour your face. And once on, the powder, which is very finely milled, stays put for the entire day. However, although the packaging has a sifter, application can be a bit messy, but that’s to be expected with this type of product.

BareMinerals Faux Tan Matte is a true brown shade with subtle shimmers that’s very pigmented and thus needs to be applied with a very light hand. It can be used to contour or as an all-over bronzer to warm up the complexion, giving it that pretty and glowy sunkissed look that lasts all day. The powder is easy to blend, but application can be somewhat messy if you’re not careful.

Rating: 4.5/5

Disclaimer: the review contains an affiliate link. For more information, please see my disclaimer.

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Icaria November 6, 2012 - 4:25 pm

I can’t live without bronzer! I wear it lightly over powder & sometimes don’t even bother with blush. It gives definition & when I feel like it, a glow. I was thinking about going with Guerlain next time but this one seems quite nice with just the right amount of shimmer. Nice!

beautifulwithbrains November 6, 2012 - 6:50 pm

Icaria, this bronzer is amazing. It defines and warms up the complexion in a very natural way. The shade is very natural too. 🙂

Janessa November 7, 2012 - 3:52 am

Aw, I am SO HAPPY like smiling happy as I write. Thank you for mentioning me, lovely Gio! I used to understand people’s obsession for tanning. It was just to fit in with the undying trend. I agree that the tan look can look nice but I think those who look good tan are usually born with a tannish complexion.
I, too, get told that I’m too pale and it doesn’t help that I have black hair. I want to dye my hair someday to a shade lighter just for fun but I am growing out my hair to donate so I will hold back till then. I’m eager to have long hair again and it’ll only be more fun to cut it short AND dye it. 😀

beautifulwithbrains November 7, 2012 - 8:54 pm

Janessa, thank you so much for sending it to me. I would have never discovered this gem otherwise. 🙂

It’s so sad that people think they have to use a certain product or do certain things to fit in. *sighs* I agree that not everyone looks good tanned. Some people look better with a tan, others don’t and we should wear it if we like it and suits us, not because someone else (who was it, by the way?) has decided it is popular.

It is so difficult to lighten black hair, but I hope you’ll find a hairstylist that’s capable of doing a wonderful job. And it’s so nice of you to grow out your hair so you can donate it. That’s so thoughtful and generous. 🙂

Janessa November 8, 2012 - 12:28 am

I think Coco Chanel was “the first” to glorify tans.

beautifulwithbrains November 8, 2012 - 6:38 am

I believe you’re right. 🙂


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