The Perfect Stocking Stuffers For Bookish Makeup Lovers

by Gio

pixiwoo perfect skin and perfect eyes

The Pixiwoo sisters are at it again.

After the success of their first book, Face, they’ve decided to slice it and dice it and serve it in smaller portions, too.

Perfect Eyes and Perfect Skin are two hangbag-sized makeup guides for creating perfect looks for your eyes and skin. Can you guess which is my fave?

pixiwoo perfect skin 01

Yep, Perfect Skin. As a skincare blogger, I do have to point out that their skincare advice is kinda basic. But that’s ok. Sam and Nic aren’t skincare professionals, they’re makeup artists.

pixiwoo perfect skin 02

The rest of the book is filled with tips and tricks on how to take care of your brushes, cover blemishes, choose the right foundation colour, swipe on blush… Basically, everything you need to create a flawless canvas and use makeup to enhance your face.

pixiwoo perfect eyes 01

Perfect Eyes, instead, is all about eyes, lashes and brows. Sam and Nic share their top tips and techniques to create a variety of looks working with your individual eye shape and colour for best results.

Both books are beautifully illustrated. You’ll find photos of incredible makeup looks next to image tutorials on how to apply false lashes or where to place bronzer and highlighter.

pixiwoo perfect eyes 02

Here’s the catch: if you already own Face, you don’t need to go out and buy Perfect Skin and Perfect Eyes too (unless you’re. die-hard fan who needs to collect anything Pixiwoo – just like I collected everything Ronan Keating in my teens… Ahem…).

But for that friend who loves both beauty and books? This would make the perfect stocking stuffer. 😉

Available at: £9.99 at Amazon

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