My Top 5 Favourite Mascaras

by Gio

my top 5 favourite mascaras

I’m still searching for my HG mascara. A mascara that lengthens, thickens, curls and defines lashes without smudging nor clumping. Do you think it exists? I’m starting to doubt that, but, in the meantime, I’ve found some options that come really close to “holy grail” status. Here they are:

1. Pupa Vamp! Mascara in Extra Black
This is my most repurchased mascara. It adds volume, length and definition, giving lashes a dramatic look that’s not, however, over-the-top. Its hourglass-shaped wand makes it easy to coat every lash with an intense black pigment that stays put, without smudging, nor flaking, for hours. The only thing this mascara doesn’t do is curl lashes, but then, that’s what an eyelash curler is for, right? It’s also available in colourful shades like blue and green that apply true to colour! Available in European drugstores.

2. Layla Love For Lash Mascara
This mascara has a dense formula that lengthens and separates lashes, while also adding some volume. When you wear it, your lash will get noticed, but don’t worry. The effect is not over-the-top. Plus, it has amazing staying power and you won’t need to retouch it throughout the day.

3. Chanel Inimitable Intense Mascara
This mascara doesn’t really provide “inimitable lashes”, but its effect is impressive nonetheless. With only one coat, it provides length, fullness and a bit of volume. And you don’t have to worry about panda eyes. Once set, it doesn’t smudge nor flake. However, it doesn’t really separate lashes that well. You’ll have to use an eyelash comb for that. At this price point, it’s a bit of a nuisance, but if you don’t mind that, I think you’ll fall in love with this mascara too.

4. Guerlain Cils D’Enfer Mascara
My latest discovery, Guerlain Cils D’Enfer doesn’t live up to its name. It doesn’t provide extra volume for a false lashes effect, but it adds enough to make your lashes noticeable, and not in a subtle way. This isn’t a mascara for those who want a natural look, but it’s not too dramatic either. It falls in the middle, which makes it a great option for day to night looks. It also separates and defines lashes, and holds a curl well, but don’t apply more than one coat or you’ll enter Clumps City.

5. Layla Lash-Art Mascara
This basic mascara lengthens and defines lashes for a natural look that’s perfect for daytime. So, why did it make the list? Because I dig the many colourful shades – blue, green, yellow, red and purple – in which it is available. The shades are very intense and apply true to colour. They’re not easy to pull off but, for artistic looks, they are perfect. If you’re tired of colourful mascaras that don’t show up on the lashes, you must try Layla Lash-Art Mascara. It doesn’t provide as much volume as Pupa Vamp! Mascara, but the shades are even more pigmented!

What are your favourite mascaras?

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Jen February 7, 2014 - 7:28 pm

My favorite used to be Clinique High Impact. I still love it but I think I like Bobbi Brown’s Smokey Eye Mascara better. It’s definitely more dramatic than the Clinique but it doesn’t clump or smudge. I don’t like the price tag but so far my tube has lasted for quite some time without drying out.

Gio February 7, 2014 - 7:55 pm

Jen, sounds like a great mascara. Too bad we don’t have Bobbi Brown here or I’d give it a go too. 🙂

Sehra February 8, 2014 - 3:35 am

You have to try Chanel Le Volume de Chanel. It is THE HG mascara – lengthens, volumizes, and separates, all in one coat. It legitimately changed my life, and no other mascara even comes close now!

Gio February 9, 2014 - 10:12 pm

Sehra, wow that sounds very impressive! I think I’ll head to Chanel counter really soon! Thanks for the recommendation. 🙂

Icaria February 8, 2014 - 2:05 pm

I wanted to get Cils d’Enfer recently but they were out of black. The one I’ve repurchased last week in fact, is Dior Iconic. I don’t like the brush much but love the formula. Gives good length and volume and also keeps the curl for me.

Gio February 9, 2014 - 9:12 pm

Icaria, too bad they were out of black Cils d’Enfer. Dior Iconic sounds great too though. 🙂


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