Melkior Lip Liner Pencil In Red Is The Perfect Sidekick To Your Fave Red Lipstick

by Gio

melkior lip liner pencil red 01

I still remember the old, insecure days when a bright red shade of lippie brought on a panic attack. Like, “you want me to wear what OUTSIDE the house, where everyone can gawk at me?”

These days, I can’t wait to put it on. A bright (or dark, or muted, or subtle, or whatever) red makes me feel so sexy and confident, like I’m ready to take over the world and kick everyone who dares curb my style in the behind.

That’s the power of a red lipstick. But, like all superheroes, it needs a sidekick. That’s lip liner. A neutral one never disappoints, but if you want your bright red to be even brighter, choose a lip liner that’s just as bold. Like Melkior Lip Liner Pencil in Red.

melkior lip liner pencil red 03

A true, classic red, Melkior Lip Liner Pencil in Red does a lot more than enhancing your lipstick colour. It also helps line and define the lips, making it that so much easier to apply the lippie inside their contours, and keeping it locked there. No unwanted smudges neither during, nor hours after, application.

melkior lip liner pencil red 05

And, when your lipstick starts to fade, no one will notice. The lip liner is still going strong, so your lips still look red-tinted to the world. It’s a subtler shade of red, true, but also one easier to pull off. But, after five or six hours (earlier if you have a big meal), it disappears, too. Nothing lasts forever.

melkior lip liner pencil red 02

The creamy texture glides smoothly on the lips. It’s not very hydrating, but not particularly drying, either. I just apply a thin layer of lip balm before, and my lips remain soft and comfortable the whole day. Colour payoff is really good, too. You don’t need to go over any areas more than once.

melkior lip liner pencil red 04

Overall, a pretty good sidekick, I think. Now, where have I put my red lipstick?


Pros: Creamy texture, glides smoothly on the lips; Good colour payoff; Defines the lips and prevents feathering and smudging; Longlasting.

Cons: Not very hydrating.

Summary: A bright and pigmented red shade, Melkior Lip Liner Pencil in Red helps define the lips and prevent feathering. It’s creamy and longlasting, but not very hydrating.

Price & Availability: 19,90 lei at Melkior

Rating: 4/5

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