This Mavala Collection Is A Symphony For Your Nails

by Gio

mavala symphonic collection 01

I hate being late to the party. But, I guess late is better than ever, right? I would have hated to miss out on Mavala Symphonic Collection completely. The six brown, beige, and rosy hues are a tribute to autumn, but they can easily be worn all year long. Because, nudes never go out of style.

mavala samara nail polish

Although, sometimes, they make you look a bit old-fashioned. Take Samara, for example. It’s a burnt orange brown nude my mom would absolutely love. Me, not so much. It makes me look a bit matronly, which is not exactly the vibe I’m looking for.

mavala buenos aires nail polish

Buenos Aires is the most autumnal. A tangy leather brown, it’s dark and intense, with a lovely sheen to it. It doesn’t look like much in the bottle, it’s true. But, on the nails, it’s mysterious and sophisticated.

mavala dublin nail polish

Dublin is a dark, brownish rose with pink undertones. Under bright, artificial lights, its undertones really come to the fore. I wasn’t sure about it, at first, but it’s really growing on me.

mavala tallinn nail polish

But, my absolute favorite is Tallin. A brownish rose, this unassuming shade screams understated chic and complements absolutely any look. I’ve been wearing it a lot lately, and I think it’ll be the first nail polish I finish completely.

That’s one of the reasons why I love Mavala polishes, by the way. They come in tiny, travel-friendly bottles, so you can actually finish them. Their price reflect their size, so you’re not paying more for less, for once, which is so refreshing.

The other reasons why I love Mavala? First of all, the colour payoff. All shades are opaque in one coat, although you may want to use two, just to even things out. The formula is smooth, and glides on well on the nails, without streaking nor bubbling.

It’s fairly longlasting, too. If I’m too lazy to wear a top coat, I can still count on these polishes to look pristine for at least three days. That’s good, right, especially if you’re as fickle as me. I like variety. Wearing the same colour for an entire week just bores me. But if that’s your idea of awesome, put your top coat on. You’ll get a lot more mileage from these.


Pros: Beautiful and versatile nude shades; Great colour payoff; Smooth formula that doesn’t streak; Good staying power; Small, travel-friendly packaging.

Cons: Some of the shades, like Samara, look a bit old-fashioned.

Summary: Mavala Symphonic Collection features pigmented and versatile nude shades that apply like a dream and last for several days even without a top coat.

Price & Availability: £4.75 each at Nail Polish Direct.

Rating: 4.5/5

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