lola brows treatment review

Blending eyeshadows is so much fun. Putting on lipstick makes me feel confident. Doing my eyebrows is a chore. One I try to avoid whenever possible. If something isn’t fun, it’s just ain’t worth doing. At least, when it comes to makeup.

I just wish I could paint my eyebrows on, and have them last for weeks. Wait, that’s actually possible! The geniuses behind Lash Expert have come up with LoLa Brows, a new eyebrow treatment that sculpts and builds the brows with personalized colour.

The result? A very natural, three-dimensional look that lasts up to three weeks!

Too good to be true? For once, nope. I was sceptical, but after giving it a go at the launch event, held at Lash Perfect’s Lash Bar just off Carnaby Street, I’m addicted. Nothing else I’ve ever used on my eyebrows even comes close. Here’s why:

Step 1: Matching Your Eyebrow Colour

You know how most products make your eyebrows look fake? They’re (almost) never the right colour, or they’re too heavy and make you look like you’ve just drawn your eyebrows on (so NOT the look I’m going for).

LoLa Brows doesn’t do that. The colour is made on the spot, from pure mineral pigments. There are six powders, ranging from nude to light brown to black, which are mixed and matched to create the perfect shade for you.

The powder is then mixed with a liquid base. There are two. Clear for light-haired clients, and Black, for dark-haired customers.

Step 2: Painting Your Eyebrows

The mixture is then carefully painted on individual hairs. This can take up to 30 minutes, during which you’re comfortably lying on a bed, and chatting with the lovely lady who’s doing the treatment.

Mine lasted a bit more because of the bloggers who, at the launch, were constantly interrupting, witnessing the treatment and asking questions about it. But I was so relaxed, it felt like I was there for barely 15 minutes!

Before LoLa Brows
Before LoLa Brows

Lola Brows: The Results

The results are very natural, and not just because of the colour. Eyebrow pencils and powders can fill in gaps, but the effect is always flat. LoLa Brows adds volume too. It really is three-dimensional.

You can actually feel it. When I touched my brows, they had a rougher texture, but they still looked as soft as natural hair. And that’s the important thing. Everyone sees my eyebrows, but no one touches them. So, yeah, it’s weird, but no deal breaker. Besides, they don’t really feel rough during the day. I mean, it feels like I have nothing on.

And they look perfect. My natural brows are quite sparse, but LoLa Brows filled in all the gaps, and gave them the natural, fuller look I always secretly wanted. It’s also great for people who have over-plucked them. You can just paint new eyebrows on until they grow back.

After Lola Brows
After Lola Brows

How Long Does Lola Brows Last?

Best of all? LoLa Brows lasts up to three weeks. Really. Of course, you have to be really careful for the first 24 hours. That means making sure your eyebrows don’t get in touch with water, which makes removing your makeup a bit tricky. But doable.

After 24 hours, you can take a shower, swim, whatever. Your eyebrows won’t come off. The colour won’t melt. The gel won’t slip down everywhere. Totally waterproof and smudgeproof.

But, of course, nothing lasts forever. LoLa Brows starts fading a bit after a while. The first week, my eyebrows looked perfect. The second week, you could see some minor fading, but the effect was still pretty good.

It’s only halfway through the third week that I noticed some of the pigment and gel come off in chunks. My eyebrows would look a bit weird when I’d wake up in the morning, with a little chunk here and there sticking out.

By the time I had them removed during week four (I had it on longer than recommended because I’m lazy like that), it had almost all gone. Still, for two and a half weeks, I had the best eyebrows ever. Everyone complemented me on them.

But yeah, you can’t remove it on your own. You have to go back to the salon for that. Good news is, if you have the treatment done again, removal is free. Otherwise, you pay only £10.

As tempted as I was to have it done again, being a blogger means I have other brow products to review and try, so I passed this time. But I just know they won’t come close to the same results, and that I’ll soon be back to LoLa Brows. It’s just so convenient, and the results look amazing!

Price & Availability

£25-45 at Lash Perfect Lash Bar