Know Your Ingredients: Stearic Acid

by beautifulwithbrains


What it is
Stearic Acid is an essential fatty acid that is obtained from both animal and vegetable fats and oils.

What it does
Stearic Acid is an emulsifier that helps water and oil components of a product to mix. In addition, Stearic Acid is used as a cleasing agent, a thickener and it gives smudgeproof and waterproof properties to mascaras.

Side effects
Stearic Acid can cause irritations.


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kanwal August 31, 2010 - 6:57 pm

what is the source of strearic acid when it is used in cosmetics especially in lipsticks

beautifulwithbrains August 31, 2010 - 7:39 pm

Kanwal, it is derived both from plants and animals. 🙂

Michael December 16, 2012 - 7:20 pm

I’m making a shaving cream. I’m looking for a sustainable, vegan emulsifier. I tried a soy emulsifier, but it didn’t work all that well. With shaving cream, the quality of the lather is important and that’s another challenge for trying to be vegan. Does anyone have a suggestions?

beautifulwithbrains December 18, 2012 - 9:22 pm

Michael, I’m sorry the soy emulsifier didn’t work for you. I’ve never tried making shaving cream before and usually, when I want to use a vegan emulsifier I use a soy one, so I wouldn’t know what else to suggest. But I hope someone else may be able to help you.


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