Joan Collins Timeless Beauty: What To Buy And What To Leave

by Gio

timeless beauty makeup

“Beauty is not just for the young. I believe with a little care and attention any woman can look good through her 40’s, 50’s and beyond.” – Joan Collins

Joan Collins is one of the most glamorous women in the world.

She learned a beauty trick or ten from the top makeup artists in Hollywood. But rather than keeping them to herself, she poured her knowledge into her own Timeless Beauty makeup line.

Timeless Beauty is all about looking your very best – at any age. A refreshing philosophy in the world of beauty. 🙂

I’ve dabbled with the line for the first time two years ago and now I’m back for more. Here’s what I liked and what I wish I had left on the shelf:

timeless beauty eyeshadow quad

Eyeshadow Quad In Moody Browns And Gold (£25.00)

I’ll admit it: I’m a magpie for everything shimmery. So I was disappointed that only one of the four shades in the Moody Brows and Gold Eyeshadow Palette has that beautiful sparkling finish.

The rest are all matte. I know, I know, that makes them a lot more more flattering and wearable.  So it’s more like of a personal preference thing.

If you’re cool with mattes, you’ll like this. Moody Browns and Gold features a sparkling soft gold, a sheer matte beige, a medium matte brown and a dark matte brown.

Colour payoff is ok but soft. By that I mean that, apart from the highlighting shade, none are sheer. But no matter how much you apply, they won’t look vivid or bright. They’re soft and delicate, perfect for daytime looks.

This is one of those versatile palettes everyone can wear everywhere, from the office to a casual afternoon of shopping and a romantic dinner date.

The texture is smooth and blends like a dream. But I find that, even with a primer, I get only around 8 hours of wear. 

timeless beauty frame line

Frame Line Eye Liner In Black (£20.00)

Liquid eyeliners and I don’t get along. I rarely bother to use one because I know what’ll happen: I’ll spend 10 min blending eyeshadows, attempt to line my eyes and… splosh! A black splurge is now covering half my lid, ruining my entire look. I have to start all over again (please, don’t tell I’m the only one who does this 🙁 ).

I was sure the same was gonna happen with Frame Line Eye Liner in Black but… no. Finger crossed I don’t jinx it now but I can actually use this without problems.

The handle is slightly longer than most liquid eyeliners, which I find it makes it easier to control. The brush itself is so soft and very gentle on the skin, yet slim and stiff enough to allow me to draw a straight line. It’s totally Gio-proof.

But is it smudgeproof too? The liner never travels anywhere while I wear it but, like the eyeshadows, it tends to fade after about 8 hours. Even when I wear a primer. 

I count that as a small price to pay for ease of use. I’m impressed.

timeless beauty class act mascara

Class Act Mascara (£20.00)

Class Act Mascara… don’t you just love the name? Sadly, this is my least fave product in the line.

If you’re a regular here (thanks so much!), you’ll know I like mascaras like Pupa! Vamp that give me super voluminous lashes that almost look fake.

Class Act is the opposite. It looks very natural on. It gives my lashes a little length, a little volume and a little definition. It’s a good mascara for the office or daytime. It’s just not what I look for in a mascara.

This is personal preference, of course. But, there’s something else: it smudges. By the end of the day, I looked like a racoon… Not the look I was going for, I tell you.

The brush is on the big side and tapers a little at the end. If you have small eyes like me, you’ll find it hard to apply mascara on those small hard-to-reach lashes without leaving a few black dots on your lids.

As much as I wanted to like this, it’s just not for me. 🙁

timeless beauty first base

First Base Foundation (£25.00)

With only 8 shades of First Base Foundation available, I wasn’t sure I would find a match. Luckily, I did. Extra Fair Warm suits my skin tone well.

The texture is creamy and lightweight. It easily blends onto the skin, smoothing out pores, wrinkles and every “flaw” in its path. The coverage is medium, which is fine for me. My skin’s in good condition so I don’t have much to cover or even out but if you do, you can easily build it up.

But what I love the most is the finish. It’s radiant and natural. It’s like my-skin-but-better. Smoother. Brighter. Younger-looking.

This one lasts around 8 hours too before it starts to fade away.

timeless beauty divine lipstick amanda

Divine Lipstick In Amanda

I’m a pink gloss gal. Divine Lipstick in Amanda, an autumnal hazelnut shade with russet undertones, isn’t something I’d usually wear. But that’s why I like beauty blogging: it gives you the chance to step out of your comfort zone and try new things all the time.

The texture is soft and creamy but not to the point of bleeding. It glides on smoothly, leaving behind a soft trail of colour. Just like the eyeshadows, it’s pigmented but soft. Joan Collins Timeless Beauty is all about wearable shades that make a woman feel comfortable and sexy in every situation.

My lips have been a little flaky lately (thanks crappy London winter weather – NOT) but I find this lipstick didn’t emphasise it. It also wears nicely for a couple of hours before fading evenly.

timeless beauty makeup swatches

P.S. I’ve also thrown the Paparazzi Duo and I Am Woman perfume in the photos above just cos. You can check out my thoughts on them here.

Available at: Marks & Spencer

timeless beauty makeup look

Have you tried Joan Collins Timeless Beauty range? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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