I Fed My Hair Japanese Oysters And This Is What Happened

by Gio

Did you hear?

Hari’s Hairdressers has just opened a new salon in Notting Hill. About time, too. I love Hari’s because they always treat me like a princess. Hand massages, tea, champagne… They know how to spoil you.

But the other locations were a bit out of the way for me. Notting Hill’s a different story. I’m there ALL the time. Seriously, people think I live or work there. I wish! One day I will, but for now I just love exploring the area and everything it has to offer. It’s so picturesque!

Now my fave hair salon is there, too, it just got even better. So, of course, I had to check it out pronto. It had barely opened when one afternoon I made my way to Ledbury Road to try the new Oyster and Chili Shot Blow Out. Cos I couldn’t wait until I needed a haircut or colour again, you know?

As I stepped foot inside the two-storey salon, I instantly noticed the contrast between the relaxing, Ayurvedic inspired atmosphere and the electric buzz of the hairdressers off to do a million things.

The place looks so chic, mixing modern and industrial fittings with plenty of treasures hand-picked by founder Hari Salem on his many travels to India.

I had plenty of time to admire them all because the Blow Out takes about an hour. I know. But, it’s not boring. You’re treated to tea, magazines, and all the hairdressers are really nice. Time literally flies there. Another reason why I like it.

But it does take a long time and that’s because this Blow Out, which is made with Japanese oyster and chili extracts, is a 2-stage rebuilding and damage-limitation treatment applied in 3 phases.

It was created by biochemist Nausheen Qureshi (founder of beauty brand Elethea) to strengthen hair and give it lots of movement. I don’t know about you, but that’s exactly what my hair needs.

The first phase is all about prepping the hair. It looks a lot like having your hair dyed. The hairdresser mixed a solution in a bowl and patiently paints one hair strand at a time with it.

Only, there is no plastic foil this time. But, you have to spend ten minutes under the hair steamer. Heat always accelerates chemical reactions, helping the treatment work better and faster.

The last phase of the treatment took place at the sink. The light yellowish solution was applied in between a scalp massage to boost its effect. Finally, they washed and styled my hair before handing me a mirror to see the results.

My hair looked amazing! I can’t say that it was particularly damaged before, but it does tend to get drier in this dreary cold weather. After the treatment, it looked so healthy and shiny! They even managed to give my flat mane some volume, which is a fit in itself.

Sadly, the volume barely survived a few hours (my hair can’t hold a curl if my life depended on it, which is why you’ll have to made do with the photo above), but the Oyster & Chili Blow Out fared better. A week later my hair still looked great.

I think if you colour your hair regularly, you could see even better results than I did. But even if you don’t, this may just give your hair that boost it needs to shine more brightly than Christmas lights at holiday parties.

That reminds me I need to book another appointment, too…

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