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by Gio

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I’m a creature of habit. I start each day with a cup of berry-flavoured tea. I always ask my hairdresser for a bob cut. And I never strayed from super thin, neutral-coloured, framed glasses.

Until a few weeks ago, when Firmoo asked me to review a pair of their glasses. The brand offers so many different styles, in different colours and materials, it got me in the mood to try something new!

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Ordering From

Problem was, which one? With so many glasses available, picking a pair can be overwhelming! Thankfully, Firmoo makes it easy. The search function on allows you to narrow down your choices based on colour, frame, size, material, gender, shape & price, and even prescription type.

But how can you be sure they’ll fit and suit you? Firmoo has thought about this too. Each pair of glasses is accompanied by its exact measurements, both in inches and millimeters, and pictures of other customers wearing them.

If you’re still unsure, you can virtually try on the glasses, too! Just upload a picture of yourself, and you’ll instantly see if they’ll suit you. And if you have any questions their description page doesn’t answer (I doubt it, it’s so comprehensive!), just fill in the form and ask customer service. They reply quickly.

When you finally settle on a pair, hit checkout. Here, you can choose between single vision, multifocal, or non-RX, and standard lenses (they’re free), or premium or blue-light blocking lenses. All lenses come with an anti-scratch coating free of charge, but you can also upgrade to anti-reflective, ultra thin lenses, or UV-coating.

If you need prescription, you have two options. You can manually add the data in the form provided. Or, if you can’t decipher your prescription (why must medical language be so complicated?!), simply upload a copy of it. Easy peasy.

If you’ve made a mistake, no worries. You have 24 hours to make any changes to your order. The glasses are shipped shortly afterwards. Mine were sent out only a couple of days after I placed my order.

Within a week, they were already here! And they weren’t alone either. They were housed in a cute case, with its storage pouch, cleaning cloth, and even a mini screwdriver. So cool!

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The Glasses

But, as I put them on for the first time, I was a little nervous. I know Firmoo has thought of everything, but buying glasses online, especially when you need prescription, is always a risk. Would they be able to fill my prescription properly? Would the glasses suit me? Would they break down easily? So many doubts! They quickly disappeared. The glasses are as functional as they are pretty.

So, which pair did I pick? A bluish purple one, with a slightly curved frame, and much bigger lenses than I’m used to. My eyes are so small, I was afraid they’d disappear completely behind those huge frames! But they don’t. They’re very flattering, both to my eyes, and face shape.

The bright bluish purple hue was another big change for me. The subtle neutral shades I always go for suit every outfit, but they sort of blend in with my face colour. The bluish purple, instead, really stands out. It brightens up my face, adding a much-needed pop of colour to my pale complexion.

The material’s different too. I’ve always worn metal frames. Classic and sophisticated. But, because the frame was so thin, they were so fragile. And I’m so clumsy. Not a great combo! After a while, they’d start losing their shape, and bend a little. My new glasses are made with plastic. Stylish and sturdier, they should last longer.

More importantly, I can see so clearly with them! Firmoo’s got the prescription right, so they don’t tire my eyes nor leave me with a blurry vision. Phew!

Usually, I wear glasses only when I read or I’m working with my computer, which is basically all the time when I’m at home. Outside, I don’t need them. But I think I’ll venture outdoors with my new Firmoo glasses anyway. They’re too pretty not to show off!


Pros: Functional and pretty glasses; Lots of different styles to choose from; Easy-to-use website, makes ordering even prescription glasses a breeze; Quick delivery; Glasses come with a cute pouch and a mini screwdriver; Affordable.

Cons: I honestly can’t think of anything.

Summary: Firmoo makes it so easy to buy glasses (even with prescription lenses!) online. They offer a wide variety of styles, each of which comes with an attractive case and a mini screwdriver. And they’re all as functional as they’re pretty.

Price & Availability: between $19.00 and $39.00 at

Rating: 5/5

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Laurie August 21, 2015 - 1:45 pm

Those purple lenses are lovely on you, Gio! They look especially good with that lipstick shade. 🙂

Gio August 21, 2015 - 3:46 pm

Laurie, thank you!

Janessa August 22, 2015 - 2:06 am

Purple frames look so pretty on you!!! I’m going to check out Firmoo. I shy away from frames online because I like to make sure they look flattering on my face. I also struggle with lots of frames because of my low nose bridge. I need a narrow enough bridge and also one with some sort of nose pads be those separate clear-ish pieces or a part of the acrylic frame.
I don’t wear glasses but I love trying them on and wearing them tinted for sunglasses. I’ve gotten a pair rose-tinted but I barely wear them because the bridge is too wide and it doesn’t sit perfectly on my face.

Gio August 22, 2015 - 5:59 pm

Janessa, thank you! I’m sure Firmoo will be able to accommodate you. Don’t hesitate to ask them any questions. 🙂


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