The Best Makeup Manuals For All Beauty Lovers

by Gio

I wish Youtube makeup tutorials were around when I was a teen. It would have saved me from many a makeup disaster!

So, when the craze started, I subscribed to 1000 channels. I could spend an entire afternoon watching 10 tutorials, trying to replicate them all.

These days, things are different. I’m still addicted to Youtube, but now I’m more likely to watch Marie Forleo showing me how to rock at marketing than a random girl applying makeup in her bedroom.

But, there’s a makeup channel that stood the test of time. Pixiwoo. I’m sure you all know the makeup powerduo Sam and Nicola. I’m as obsessed with them for their incredible makeup skills as I am for their down-to-earth attitude. It feels like I’m right there with a friend showing me how to glam up for a date or a party.

And now Sam and Nic have gone the extra mile and poured all their beauty knowledge in Face, a skincare and makeup manual that covers absolutely everything, from choosing the right foundation shade for your skintone to shaping your eyebrows.

The book is divided into several sections, each one explaining how to beautify a different area of the face (the lashes have their own section, too!).

I have to admit that, if you’re a Pixiwoo fangirl, too, you’ve probably heard most of the tips in the book many times. There wasn’t much I didn’t already know. That may be a bit disappointing, but also very useful.

Let me explain. Before, whenever I needed help with covering a blemish or applying false lashes, I had to go online and waste 10 minutes looking for the right video. Now, I can just open up the book and it’s all there. How convenient is that?

But what makes the book even more special is Sam and Nic’s personal touch. You don’t just get professional beauty tips. You also get their personal opinion and little anecdotes that will help you to get to know them better.

Needless to mention, Face is beautifully illustrated. There are step-by-step visual tutorials for every technique they mention, plus lots and lots of pictures of beautiful makeup looks to spark your creativity.

Talking about new makeup looks, there’s also an app that accompanies the book. It’s filled with lots of videos and tutorials to help you put their tips into practice).

I have to admit I haven’t downloaded it yet. It’s a pretty big app and I’m always running out of space on my phone. Me thinks it’s time to get a better phone soon…

Anyway, if you love Sam and Nic, I’m sure you already have this book. If not, you’ll become a fan. If you’re looking for a makeup and beauty manual that covers all the basics and then some, this one is hard to beat.

Price & Availability: £9.99 at Amazon UK and $13.86 at Amazon UK


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