Are They Dupes? Sleek Makeup Rose Gold Blush VS Layla Top Cover Fard Compatto N.8

by Gio

sleek makeup rose gold blush dupe 01

I am a sucker for rosy peach blushes infused with gold shimmers. They are absolutely gorgeous, beautifully warm up the complexion and give it a radiant glow. I just cannot get enough of them. I own quite a few of them, but Sleek Makeup Blush in Rose Gold and Layla Top Cover Fard Compatto N.8 look very similar. Are they dupes?


Both Sleek Makeup Blush in Rose Gold and Layla Top Cover Fard Compatto N.8 are warm pink peachy shades infused with gold shimmers that aren’t too big or over-the-top. The Layla shade is just a tad more peachy, but the difference is barely visible to the naked eye.


Rose Gold is super pigmented. And I mean S-U-P-E-R. It’s one of the most pigmented blushes I’ve ever come across and a tiny little bit goes a loooooong way. While this is great news for dark-skinned divas, pale beauties will have to pay close attention to what they’re doing when they apply it. The risk of looking like a clown, rather than fresh and glowy, is for them always around the corner. Layla N.8 instead has medium colour payoff and is easier to build up to your desired intensity.


Both Rose Gold and N.8 are soft to the touch and blend like a dream. However, while the texture of Rose Gold is finely milled, that of N.8 is powdery, and I always experience a bit of fallout when I use it.

sleek makeup rose gold blush dupe 02

Sleek Makeup Rose Gold Blush (left) and Layla Top Cover Fard Compatto N.8 (right)


Sleek Makeup Blush wins again. While Layla Top Cover Fard Compatto begins to fade after about 8 hours, Rose Gold stays put for pretty much the whole day, so you won’t need to retouch it. Not even if you go out in the evening too.


Sleek Makeup Blush has a sleeker packaging. The blush is housed in a slim black case with a mirror. It’s practical, pretty and makes the blush look more expensive than it really is. Layla Blush instead comes in a circular white case with a golden lid. Inside, it houses a mirror (quite useful) and a brush (completely useless).


Sleek Makeup is available in Superdrug stores throughout the UK, and online at and retail at €5,49 (for 8g). Layla Top Cover Fard Compatto N.8 is available in beauty stores in Italy and a few other European countries (unfortunately, their website doesn’t mention them so I don’t have the complete list) and online at and retails at €15,43 (for 3g). While both websites ship worldwide, Layla charges a whopping €30,00 for international shipping (€15,00 if you spend over €80,00). I believe that shipping charges are calculated at checkout when you shop at the Sleek Makeup website, but they are definitely cheaper.

So, which one is better?

Sleek Makeup Blush in Rose Gold, definitely. It pretty much wins in every category. It is more pigmented, has a better texture, lasts longer, and is cheaper too! Only pale princesses who find it hard to work with very pigmented blushes may prefer Layla Top Cover Fard Compatto N.8. The colour is pretty much the same, but it’s much more user-friendly.

Have you tried these blushes? If so, which one is your favourite? And what’s your favourite rosy peach blush with gold shimmers?

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