truth about mascara ads

Is there anything more misleading than mascara ads?

I’m not an idiot. I know the point of ads is to sell you a dream. They exaggerate reality out of all proportion to make you want whatever they promote.

But mascara ads do it in such an obvious way, there’s no way you can believe for a second that beautiful pair of lashes the model is proudly sporting is real.

All Mascara Ads Are Ridiculously Fake

Yep, you won’t find a mascara ad where the model isn’t wearing fake lashes. To add insult to injury, brands then Photoshop those lashes to make them look even bigger and longer.

Do cosmetics companies really think that we are so stupid naive to think that one or two swipes of their mascaras will make our lashes reach our eyebrows?

And by the way, who the heck wants that? Sure, I want the drama of fake-like eyelashes, but that’s too much. If people can spot your fake lashes a mile away, well… let’s just say that’s not a good look.

You want to be noticed for the sexy, beautiful woman that you are. You don’t want people to wonder if you’re even human anymore…

If The Mascara Is Good, Why Lie?

I don’t expect any ad to tell the truth. But what does it say about your product when you don’t even use it in your ad?

Surely, if the advertised mascaras were any good and did exactly what they say on the tin, there’d be no need to use fake lashes at all.

I’m sure brands would still Photoshop those lashes a little. That’s just how they roll. But there’s a difference between enhancing your product and replacing it completely.

It begs the question: if your mascara could really give us luscious, thick and long lashes, why aren’t you showing us the result?

If all you give us is fake lashes and Photoshop, we’re gonna assume the mascara sucks…

Keep It Real

Listen, brands, consumers aren’t stupid.

We know mascaras aren’t miracle products. We know that we’ll never look like your beautiful, overly-photoshopped model. We know that ads always manipulate products to make them look their best and create false expectations.

But this is getting too far now.

There’s a reason why everyone is looking for honest reviews before buying a product. We want to see the real before and after pictures to see if that mascara can deliver what we’re looking for.

Here’s an idea: why don’t you show us yourselves?

What do you think of mascara ads? Share your thoughts in the comments below.