The One Where I Discover A Lip Liner I Actually Love (And Use)

by Gio

delilah lip line 01

“What the heck am I going to do with you?”

That’s what I wonder every time a lip liner ends up on my desk. Try as I might, I just can’t get excited about lip liners. Can you?

I don’t know, maybe it’s because I see them as a, mostly unnecessary, extra step. Maybe because they look so unassuming compared to those luxurious lipstick tubes. Whatever the reason, they have the tendency to end up at the bottom of my drawer, never to see the light of day again.

But, there’s a lip liner that has, so far, escaped this gloomy fate. It’s Delilah Lip Line Long Wear Retractable Pencil in Naked.

delilah lip line 02

Although it looks like a dark mauvish pink, the colour translates to a soft nude pink on the lips. Flatteringly feminine and easy to wear, it’s one of those my-lips-but-better shades. It’s only slightly darker than my natural lip colour, which is why I struggled to determine its staying power.

Sometimes, I’d look in the mirror and think, “Geez, have you already disappeared?”. But, upon closer inspection, I realised that, nope, it hadn’t. Naked was still there. But, it looks so much like my lip colour, I often mistook it for it (when I wear it alone on those “no makeup makeup look” days)!

delilah lip line 04

So, staying’s power good. Naked lasts several hours, or until you eat (drink, you can). And, it helps your lipsticks last a bit longer too. Because it’s such a neutral colour, it can be used with any shades, from girly pinks to sultry reds to earthy browns. It’s very versatile, which is cool.

Naked also prevents lipsticks from bleeding and feathering. I can honestly say I have never experienced those annoyances while wearing it. It basically does everything a lip liner is supposed to do.

delilah lip line 05

And the texture’s fairly creamy too. It’s not the creamiest I’ve tried, but it glides pretty smoothly on the lips. No tugging there. When you’re done, you can blend the colour with the brush hidden at the end of the pencil. It’s not very soft (bummer!), but, in a pinch, it’ll do the job.

The brush’s not the only thing that’s hidden. Delilah Lip Line Long Wear Retractable Pencil also comes with a pencil sharpener. Why does it need one if it’s retractable? For precision.

delilah lip line 03

You know what those retractable pencils are like. They come with a nice point that becomes flat after a couple of uses. Thanks to the in-built sharpener, you can keep this one always perfectly pointed. Don’t you wish every retractable pencil came with one now?

delilah lip line 06


Pros: Creamy texture, glides smoothly on the lips; Flattering soft pink shade, can be used with any colour; Good colour payoff; Impressive staying power; Helps lipsticks last longer and not bleed; Chic packaging; Inbuilt brush and sharpener.

Cons: Brush is too stiff.

Summary: Delilah Lip Line Long Wear Retractable Pencil has a creamy and longlastig texture that prevents lipsticks from bleeding and helps them last longer. It comes with an inbuilt sharpener and brush (but this is too stiff).

Price & Availability: £20 at SpaceNK

Rating: 4/5

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