Cosmetics A’ La Carte, London’s Best Kept Beauty Secret

by Gio

cosmetics a la carte cream lip lacquer and shimmer outliner

Raise your hand if you’re struggling to find the perfect foundation shade or wished that gorgeous lipstick formula came in a slightly darker mauvish pink?

It’d be so fun if you could customise your own makeup products, wouldn’t it? Kinda like going to a restaurant: you can order a chicken burger and ask if they could remove the onions (is that just me?) or add an extra topping.

Cosmetics A’ La Carte lets you do just that. Well, sort of. In their London flagship store in Sloane Square, they create the perfect foundation, tinted moisturiser and concealer for your skin tone and needs. The whole thing takes just 15 minutes.

If you hang around for 15 more minutes, they’ll create bespoke lipsticks or eye and face palettes for you too. They’ll mix them in their London labs and send them directly to your house within 2 days. Cool, huh?

But what if you don’t fancy a trip to London (cos not everyone lives nearby, you know?)? No problem. Cosmetics A’  La Carte also sells premade cosmetics on their website. If you’re wondering if they’re worth the trip, this is a good way to taste their quality.

I’ve got my hands on two of their products, the Shimmer Outliner in Cosmos and the Cream Lip Lacquer in Mulberry. Here are my thoughts on them:

cosmetics a la carte shimmer outliner in cosmos

cosmetics a la carte cosmos

Shimmer Outliner In Cosmos

I admit Shimmer Outliner in Cosmos is something I would never have purchased on my own. I’d have gone with a feminine pink or a sparkling gold. But that’s the beauty of beauty blogging: it forces you to try something that’s out of your comfort zone.

Why’s Cosmos out of my comfort zone, you ask? Well, I’m not really sure how to use it (there’s a reason I made the switch from makeup to skincare… ahem).

Cosmos is a sheer sparkling white shade. You can barely see a hint of colour on the eyes. There’s no point building it up so don’t even try it. I guess this is meant as a highlighting shade.

BUT not for daily use. The shimmers in it are quite big and make your eyes sparkle like a disco ball. You’d stand out in an office. But on a dance floor or at a party? This would be perfect.

You can also use it to add sparkle to the middle of the lid for a more dramatic party look. Cosmetics A’ La Carte says you can use it as an eyeliner as well. Maybe the other, darker shades can but I don’t see how this would work. It’s way too sheer for that.

Having said that, the texture is creamy and lasts a good 8 hours on the lid if you use a primer. With it, I didn’t have any creasing problems. Keep in mind, though, that my lids aren’t super oily.

If you’re a party girl, I think you and Cosmos would get along really well.

cosmetics a la carte cream lip lacquer mulberrry

cosmetics a la carte mulberry

Cream Lip Lacquer In Mulberry

Now this is more my style. Cosmetics A’ La Carte Cream Lip Lacquer in Mulberry is a rich wine shade with a glossy finish. The formula isn’t 100% opaque but not sheer either: coverage’s good here.

It’s the perfect shade to transition from fall to autumn. But if you get it, make sure you’re gonna use it in the spring/summer months too. Why?

I’m VERY concerned about the lack of preservatives. I’m not sure why brands think it’s a good idea to leave them out. I don’t know about you, but I don’t fancy getting an infection from a lipgloss I’ve been keeping in my stash a little too long, you know what I’m saying?

Back to the lipgloss: the texture’s creamy and glides on the lips smoothly. But I only get around 3 hours of wear from it. Unless I eat or drink. This lipgloss can’t survive that.

cosmetics a la carte swatches

cosmetics a la carte look

Now that I’ve had my first hint of Cosmetics A’  La Carte, I’m curious to try their bespoke service and get the colours I truly want (with preservatives, thank you very much!).

Available at: Shimmer Outliner, £28 and Cream Lip Lacquer, £25 at Cosmetics A’  La Carte

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