The Perfect Nail Polish Shade For Fall (And How To Make It Last Longer)

by Gio

cnd vinylux weekly nail polish hypnotic dreams and weekly top coat

I’ve found it.

The perfect nail polish for the fall season. It reminds me of the leaves of the fallen trees. It shimmers like the glistening sun on a cold, clear day. It dries super fast, too.

It’s called Hypnotic Dream. It’s from CND Vinylux. They make a pretty good top coat, too. Let me tell you about both…

cnd vinylux weekly polish hypnotic dreams

Hypnotic Dreams Weekly Polish

Hypnotic Dreams is the perfect shade for fall. Depending on how the light hits it, it looks green or bronze or rose or gold… all the colours of the autumn trees seen through pink-spectacle glasses.

The formula’s sheer so I apply at least two coats for a more opaque coverage. But you can also use it as a top coat for your fave nail polish shades to make them even more unique and sparkling.

cnd vinylux nail polish hypnotic dreamd with top coat

Talking about sparkling, the multidimensional flakes here shimmer like crazy… I just can’t stop looking at my nails when I wear it. 😉

The best part? It dries super quickly. I can just paint it on and two minutes later I can start using my hands again without messing up my manicure.

But, there’s a catch: it’s a pain to remove! Not that you’d want to…

cnd vinylux weekly top coat

Weekly Top Coat

CND Vinyl Weekly Top Coat swears it will make your manicure last for 7 whole days. Cool, huh?

It sort of delivers. I say sort of because it made true on its promise with Hypnotic Dreams. But with other nail polishes? I get 3-4 days before it starts to chip.

But only a little bit. I got a little chip on the middle finger of my right hand after 3 days but it took a couple more days before other nails suffered from the same fate.

I think Hypnotic Dreams lasts longer because it’s a very glittery shade so way more resistant than a cream finish.

Either way, the not-too-thick formula dries fast and gives your manicure a beautiful, high-shine finish. I think I’ll be using it a lot.

Available at: Weekly Nail Polish in Hypnotic Dreams, £13.00 at; Weekly Top Coat, $10.50 at Ulta


Now, I’m curious, what’s your fave nail polish for fall? Let me know in the comments below.


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