10 Pinterest Beauty Boards You Must Absolutely Follow

by Gio

best pinterest beauty boards

I jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon quite late, but when I did, I wondered how could I ever have lived with it. I was instantly hooked.

Pinterest is a treasure trove of awesome inspiration. I could waste spend hours on there, looking for new makeup ideas, discovering useful skincare tips, or hunting down easy-to-do hair tutorials.

But, to the uninitiated, all those ideas and inspiration can be so overwhelming! That’s why I’ve put together this list of all my favourite Pinterest beauty boards. They’re so awesome, they’ll get you addicted too!

best pinterest beauty boards 09

1. Hair Romance: Hair Romance Tutorials

Don’t know what the heck to do with your hair? Neither did I, before I stumbled on Hair Romance. Both Christina’s blog and Pinterest account are a treasure trove for all hair lovers. My favourite board is Hair Romance Tutorials. I always check it out before a special occasion for ideas on how to up my hair game. It’s never failed me.

best pinterest beauty boards 07

2. Future Derm: Dermatology

Future Derm is one of my favourite beauty science blogs and their Pinterest account doesn’t disappoint either. The Dermatology board features lots of tips and tricks to solve all your skincare woes.

best pinterest beauty boards 10

3. Beautyholics Anonymous: Makeup Inspiration

My friend Tine of Beautyholics Anonymous has a knack for finding the most beautiful, inspirational, and creative makeup looks from all over the internet. Thankfully for us, she pins them all in her Makeup Inspiration board. It’s a feast for the eyes.

best pinterest beauty boards 01

4. Ban.do: Fun For Your Head

Quirky hats, creative haistyles, and unusual accessories. Ban.do’s cool’s board Fun For Your Head is full of inspiration to help you turn your head into a work of art.

best pinterest beauty boards 03

5. Sephora: Nailspotting

Obsessed with nail art? Sephora’s Nailspotting board is for you. It features thousands of cool and pretty nail art ideas that’ll inspire you to pick up your brushes and start painting your nails.

best pinterest beauty boards 08

6. Phyrra: Best Makeup Looks & Ideas

Bright looks, bold looks, natural looks, neutral looks, sexy looks, rainbow looks, subtle looks, sophisticated looks, smoky looks… Phyrra collects them all, and more, in her board Best Makeup Looks & Ideas. You’ll never be stuck in a makeup rut again.

best pinterest beauty boards 05

7. The Maquillage: Hair Hacks

Hairstyle tutorials, hair care tips, hair inspiration… Hair Hacks by The Maquillage is a collection of pins on all things hair. Bye bye, bad hair days!

best pinterest beauty boards 04

8. Barbara Ziegler: Visage

Makeup is an art. Barbara Ziegler shows us that in her board Visage. These looks may not be very realistic, or suitable for daily wear, but are all absolutely gorgeous and inspirational!
best pinterest beauty boards 06

9. Beauty Redefined: Beauty Lies

Beauty Lies by Beauty Redefined aims to call out “the companies and people that lie to women on a daily basis with the sole purpose making us insecure.” Perfect to give your confidence a boost when you’re feeling down about your looks.
best pinterest beauty boards 02

10. The Beauty Department: Braids

Think braids are just for schoolgirls? The Beauty Department’s board Braids will make you change your mind. Their pins show how versatile, cute, and sophisticated braids can be.

If you need even more inspiration and handy tips and tricks, you can also follow me too. I’d love to chat and keep up with you on Pinterest too. 😉

What are your favourite Pinterest beauty boards?

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