The Chic Makeup Capsule Collection For Busy Women On-The-Go

by Gio


They’re one of my fave places on earth.

Beauty halls. I’m like a kid in a candy store in there.

But when you’re just trying to find a signature red lipstick or inky black eyeliner, so much choice can be overwhelming. And those eagle-eyed SAs can see it.

Before you know it, they sold you what you were looking for AND a lot of other stuff you weren’t but you couldn’t leave behind because “OMG, that lavender blush was made just for you and look at how thin this contouring kit makes your face look!”

Yeah, SAs are smart. They know how to sell you pretty stuff you don’t need. And now your makeup bag is full to the brim with makeup products you don’t even use. Good luck finding your red lippie for a quick retouch now.

If you want to go in, get what you need and step out before they can get you, you need to know where to look. Atm, Bagsy where it’s at.

The brand known for its handbag essentials has teamed up with British designer Savannah Miller to create a small collection of signature and multi-purpose products to easily take you from day to night.

But my fave thing is the packaging. Inspired by Savannah’s signature prints, those beautiful boxes are a celestial feast of starry skies, sparkling lights and flocking birds. I haven’t found the heart to throw them away yet.

What’s inside isn’t bad either. I’ve had the chance to try the Dawn To Dusk Eyeshadow Palette, the Bronzed Brilliance Shimmer Powder and the Intensifying Ink Liquid Eyeliner. Curious to know which one is my favourite?

Dawn To Dusk Eyeshadow Palette

Teenage Gio could afford to spend an hour blending away 10 colourful eyeshadows (yes, sometimes I did use that many!).

Grown-up Gio (gosh, I feel SO old now!) can’t. Now I’m super busy and I can’t waste more than 15 minutes. On my whole face, that is. So, I’ve turned to neutrals that are super easy to blend and can take me from dawn to dusk.

This gorgeous palette features 5 of these neutrals in cream, gold, brown and grey, all with a wearable shimmer finish. With wearable I mean they’ll make your eyes look brighter but not as bright as a disco ball.

They aren’t overly intense but not sheer either. They have that lovely buildable colour payoff that easily allows you to control their intensity. You can choose whether to apply just a soft wash of colour for the office or to sex things up a bit for a date with that special someone.

Over a primer (because you’re using a primer, right?), they last all day without creasing. And just look at that packaging. Love. It.

Bronzed Brilliant / Shimmer Powder

This is my fave product from this capsule collection, which is weird because I don’t really wear bronzer. But just look at it. It tells you to “Glow and Inspire”. How can you resist that? I can’t.

Plus, the finely-milled powder is on the sheer side so it doesn’t make me look like I’ve been wrestling in mud. On the contrary, it looks very natural even on this pale princess. That’s not something you can say of many bronzers…

Moving on, it blends like a dream and lasts for most of the day too. If you want to fake a sunkissed-I’ve-just-returned-from-an-exotic-holiday complexion this Christmas, this’ll help.

P.S. 15% of the proceeds from this bronzers are donated to Women For Women, an international charity that offers support, tools and education to marginalized women in war-torn countries to help them become financially independent.

Intensifying Ink Liquid Eyeliner

This capsule collection is meant for busy women who want to look their best on-the-go so I don’t know how this liquid eyeliner managed to sneak its way into it. Or is it just me who finds liquid eyeliner super hard to put on? I can never get a straight line with it…

If you can, kudos to you. You’ll like this. The colour’s super black and intense so you only need one coat. It dries pretty fast, so you’d better get it right straight away or you won’t have much time to fix it. Once it’s settled, it’s settled for hours. Be careful.

The thin point is very flexible, which should make it easier to draw both thin and thick lines. I’m sure that’s true, if you’re a pro. I’ll just stick to pencil eyeliners.


The Savannah Miller X Bagsy Collection is so versatile, any piece would make a good present for your makeup obsessed friends. Or, you can always ask your SO or BFF to get you something for Christmas.*wink wink*

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