• steam facial benefits skincare

    Steam Facials: Do They Help Or Harm Skin?

    Have you ever steamed your face? Come on now, I now you did. We all did. Like most of you, I first heard about steam facials from a magazine (it was in the pre-internet days – do you still remember those?). The article said that steam was this awesome thing that opened up the pores, […]


  • oxybenzone in sunscreen

    Is Oxybenzone In Sunscreen Safe?

    Oxybenzone is probably the most controversial UV filter ever. It’s been accused of: Penetrating skin Being an endocrine disruptor Killing coral reef Causing allergic reactions Unlike most maligned skincare ingredients, Oxybenzone is guilty of almost every charge. Should you avoid it? What Is Oxybenzone? Oxybenzone also goes by the name Benzophenone-3. It’s a sunscreen agent […]


  • colbert md soothe night

    Is This Just Another Overpriced Dermatologist Cream?

    I don’t know about you but, if I’m going to spend $175.00 on a cream, I expect it to give me the smoothest skin I’ve ever had, get rid of my wrinkles, and make me a nice cup of tea, too. Ok, maybe the tea isn’t such a great idea just before bedtime, but you […]


  • best neutrogena products

    Fave Five: The Best Neutrogena Skincare Products

    Who said drugstore skincare sucks? Not Neutrogena. The brand’s gone a loooong way since its humble beginnings and now offers retinol creams, AHA exfoliants and lightweight sunscreens that really help keep those pesky wrinkles at bay. But their offering is huge. Surely, there are bound to be some duds in there? Yep. But I won’t […]


  • la roche posay effaclar bb blur 01

    I Finally Tried A Blur Cream And I’m In Love

    I wish creams and lotions could get rid of wrinkles, large pores, and all that stuff for good. But, often, the best they can do is just hide them. Hiding imperfections is something La Roche Posay Effaclar BB Blur Instant Oil-Absorbing Coverage Cream Mousse (what a mouthful!) does very well. Here’s why: What’s In La […]