Are These Cute Cleansing Puffs A Gentle Alternative To A Washcloth?

by Gio

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Remember when cleansing skin meant using a foaming or milk cleanser and calling it a day?

These days, that’s not enough anymore. Cleansing has been hijacked by Clarisonics, konjac sponges, washcloths and who knows what else.

Because, why only cleanse skin when you can exfoliate it, too?

Call me old-fashioned, but I like to keep these two steps separate:

  1. Chemical exfoliants work much better – if you don’t wash them down the drain after a couple of minutes
  2. These cleansing + exfoliating devices look harmless enough, but if you use them too often, they’ll irritate your skin pretty badly

But, I don’t have sensitive skin. If I did, I’d probably lay off the chemical exfoliation (that’s the only exception, ladies!) and make do with a washcloth or konjac sponge. A couple of times a week, they do the job gently.

So, when I heard of Afterspa Cleansing Puffs, I wondered: can these cute little puffs be an alternative to washcloths and konjac sponges?

I’ve put them to the test. Here’s what happened (hint: I was NOT impressed):

afterspa cleansing puffs 02

The Cute Factor

Afterspa Cleansing Puffs must be the cutest exfoliating device I’ve seen so far (ok, maybe you Korean girls have something cuter, but these are adorable, too).

They’re pink! And have a cute oval shape with a pointed tip to reach even the smallest areas.

They’re pink! (Sorry, did I say that already? In case you didn’t get it, I’m a sucker for anything pink lol).

I really wanted to like these just for the cute factor, but…

The Problem With Afterspa Cleansing Puffs

The roughness! OMG, the roughness!

These cute little puffs are made of polyester. They’re pretty rough to the touch but I was hoping that a little bath in the water would soften them up.

It did – to an extent.

After I get the puff all wet, it becomes considerably softer. But, as I massage it onto my skin, it still feels a little bit rough. 

The first time I used it, I didn’t think much of it. Maybe I hadn’t got it wet enough. Plus, I liked what it was doing. The puff sloughed off my dead skin cells while getting rid of dirt, leaving my skin squeaky clean and bright.

I kept using it every day for a week. Each time, I’d try to use a little more water, but it was never enough. Each day, the puff felt rougher on my skin – a telltale sign my skin was started to get irritated. I was stripping away too many dead cells, leaving it unprotected against the elements.

Did I Misuse The Afterspa Cleansing Puffs?

You may say I used the puffs too often. I should have stuck to a couple of times a week. Normally, I’d agree with you. But:

  • My skin isn’t sensitive: I use glycolic acid 3x week, but I can take a washcloth or konjac sponge every day.
  • These puffs felt rough from the very beginning: the first time I used a washcloth or a konjac sponge, there was NO roughness.

I like the ideas of cleansing puffs (especially PINK cleansing puffs), but I can’t recommend these. 🙁

What about you? Have you tried this type of cleansing puffs before? Share your experience in the comments below.

Price & Availability: £6.00 at Boots

Rating: 2/5[/su_box]

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