5 Common Hair Mistakes To Avoid

by beautifulwithbrains

common haircare mistakes

We all want healthy, luscious hair, but some of our habits may stand in the way. Here are 5 common mistakes you should avoid:

Washing hair too often

Washing your hair everyday or twice a day can damage your hair. By doing so, you strip away too much of the natural oil found in hair, which leads to dry, brittle and easy to break hair. In addition, if you dye your hair, washing it causes the colour to fade. This happens every time you wash your hair, so if you want your shade to stay rich longer, don’t wash it too often. If you still want to wash your hair daily, then just skip the shampoo for a day to give your hair a break.


By blowdrying your hair daily, especially if you use more heat tools like curling or straightening irons, you may be burning your hair. Heat causes cuticles to open leading to dry and weak hair. When you blow dry, use the coolest setting and don’t keep the blow dryer too close to you hair. And before using any heating tools, apply a thermal protector spray to your hair.

Brushing too much

Brushing your hair stimulates the scalp, improves blood circulation and distributes oil along the length of the hair. However, brushing too often could lead to hair vulnerable to breakage. The same could happen if your brush wet hair, which is more fragile than dry hair. When your hair is wet, use a wide-tooth comb instead.

Not cutting your hair regularly

Not trimming your hair regularly can lead to split ends.

Pony tails

Pulling back your hair in a pony tail damages your hair, making it vulnerable to breakage. Pulling hair too tightly for a long period of time can cause traction alopecia (permanent hair loss). If you want to wear a ponytail make sure you apply a leave-in conditioner, and don’t tie it too tightly.

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sab September 8, 2008 - 12:37 pm

oh no! i’m such a pony tail person as i find it too hard to style my hair…

Alyssa September 8, 2008 - 4:30 pm

I’m a pony tail girl too… lol~

Anastasia September 8, 2008 - 6:21 pm

Don’t forget, the sun is also just as bad for your hair as it is for your skin. UV rays can permanently damage your hair, so wear a hat!

If you want stronger hair, try taking silica (a compound found in the herb horsetail) supplements, and the minerals zinc, calcium and magnesium.

For promoting hair-growth, take sea kelp (a natural source of iodine) tablets to make it grow faster & thicker :3

fabulessbeauty September 9, 2008 - 2:13 am

I’m guilty of wearing ponytails too often! Great post.

Cinthia September 9, 2008 - 2:23 am

I am guilty of all the above 🙁 especially pulling my hair into a ponytail…oh gosh!!!!!!

Connie September 9, 2008 - 4:35 am

😀 Yay for not washing hair!! I only wash mine 4 days once 😡 And I don’t brush my hair! I don’t blowdry either. Only guily of not cutting regularly and ponytails (I need to do that when I don’t wash my hair *coughs*)

beautifulwithbrains September 9, 2008 - 1:32 pm

Sounds like lots of you like wearing ponytails! Just remember to use a condition beforehand and trying wearing looser ponytails instead of very tight ones.

Anastacia: you’re right, how could I forget about the sun being bad as well? Thanks for sharing all these useful information as well 🙂

Connie: I’m the same. I don’t blow-dry and brush my hair and only do ponytails when I’m having a very bad hair day.

Anastasia September 9, 2008 - 5:55 pm

Instead of a ponytail, I loosely bunch my hair and clip it up with one of those crocodile-clip thingies. It holds it all and doesn’t crush the life out of it. :3

beautifulwithbrains September 10, 2008 - 1:05 pm

You’re right, that is a great alternative. I always use those in the summer. I live in Italy and it’s too hot to wear your hair loose so I use crocodile-clips instead of doing a ponytail daily. It’s much better for the hair. Although if it’s winter and I’m having a bad hair day I do wear a ponytail.

GHD February 5, 2009 - 6:27 pm

I’ve known several people who washed their hair THREE TIMES a day (morning, after school/work and before bed). That’s bad for their hair and it’s not very green either!

I also think it’s important to change your hair style regularly, whatever it is (Disclosure: Another pony-tail fan talking). If you colour it every 6-8 weeks, give it a break once or twice a year; if you’re a ponytail girl, do something else with it, etc. Then, when you do want a change, your hair will be flexible and forgiving enough to make it happen.

beautifulwithbrains February 6, 2009 - 12:51 pm

3 times a day?! That’s definitely too much!! It’s bad for hair and there really isn’t any need for it. I mean, how dirt can your hair get in just a few hours?!

That is a great tip. I like ponytails too, but it’s not something I often wear because I know it’s not very good for hair. But there’s nothing wrong with wearing it every now and again. And dyes can really ruin your hair, you should definitely tak a break from it every now and then. I dyed my hair for years and in the end it was so dull, dry and brittle! So, I decided to give it a loooong, much-needed break and now my hair is all nice again.

Sarah November 10, 2009 - 10:33 pm

Ughh, I know I’m horrible…… I wash my hair twice a day, I blow-dry and straighten it at least once a day, and I do comb it pretty often. But I’m proud that my hair is too short to wear in ponytail because I don’t really like ponytails. And of course it’s bad for it. But yeah…. I’m badddddddd………. 🙁

beautifulwithbrains November 11, 2009 - 5:38 pm

Sarah Wow! Just use a gentle shampoo and don’t use it more than once a day. And always apply heat-protecting products before blow-drying/styling to limit the damage and you should be ok.

And I’m not a huge fan of ponytail myself.. 😉

Sarah November 12, 2009 - 5:19 pm

Do you know if TRESemme Moisture Rich shampoo is gentle enough? Because that’s what I use and it seems to work really well. But yeah, I’ll try to do that. 🙂

beautifulwithbrains November 12, 2009 - 8:17 pm

Sarah, I’ve had a look at the ingredient list of that shampoo, and if you really have to wash your hair daily, that seems to be gentle enough. But I wouldn’t use it twice a day as you’d risk drying out your hair that way. Hope this helps 🙂

Sarah November 13, 2009 - 8:24 pm

Oh, thanks

beautifulwithbrains November 13, 2009 - 8:48 pm

Sarah, you’re welcome 🙂


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