Month: October 2020

  • how bubble masks work

    What’s The Best Type Of Mask For Your Skin Type?

    It all started with sheet masks. Once revealed to be the secret behind the flawless Korean complexion, the popularity of these unassuming little sheets went through the roof. Now, they’re leading the way for a new generation of masks that hydrates skin while you sleep and turn your face into a foaming cloud to absorb […]


  • What Are The Best Toners For Dry Skin?

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: toners are a nice-to-have, not must-have. But if you have dry skin, chances are it may appreciate an extra dose of moisture. If that’s the case, adding a toner to your skincare routine may make sense. But, you don’t need to spend a fortune on them. […]


  • cerave facial moisturizing lotion

    Is Octocrylene In Sunscreens Dangerous?

    And the trial of chemical UV filter continues… Last week Octinoxate was on the witness’ stand. Now, it’s the turn of Octocrylene. This UV filter is accused of causing allergies, premature aging, and destroying your health. Is all this true or have the rumours got out of hand once again? Let’s examine the evidence: Octocrylene: […]


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    What Are The Best Moisturisers For Combination Skin?

    What are the best moisturisers for combination skin? The thick creams that beautifully moisturise your dry areas make your oilier ones break out. And the lightweight gels that keep your t-zone shine-free aren’t a match for your dry patches. How do you treat skin when you’re dealing with both issues? The trick is to stick […]


  • cyberderm-sun-whip-sunscreens

    The 3 Essential Daily Skincare Products Everyone Should Use

    Cleanse, tone, moisturize. Put on serum and sunscreen. Use a sheet mask. Don’t forget to exfoliate. And have you heard of essences? Even pre-serums are a thing now! Geez, your skincare routine is getting longer every day! Can’t brands stop releasing a new “innovative” product every 5 minutes?! But, wait. Do you really need to […]


  • cyberderm-every-morning-sun-whip-spf25

    Octinoxate In Sunscreen: Does It Really Cause Cancer?

    Another day, another UV filter that gets a bad rep. Seriously, if you were to believe the rumours going around about UV filters, you’d just skip sunscreen and call it a day. And then wonder why all of a sudden you have wrinkles creeping up on your face left, right and centre… You need sunscreen. […]