Month: March 2017

  • 4 Anti-Aging Ingredients That Don’t Work

    I still remember the day I saw my first crow’s feet. I was in my bathroom, washing my face as usual. I glanced nonchalantly at the mirror and froze. What the heck were those fine lines around my eyes?! Surely, they couldn’t have been wrinkles? I was still in my late 20s, way too early […]


  • vitamin c peel review

    I Got A Vitamin C Peel. This Is What Happened

    I didn’t remember it burning that much. She had warned me this would happen. But, I didn’t believe her. I had had vitamin C peels before. They didn’t sting this much. Heck, they had never stung before. At all. My skin is super resilient, I proudly told her before this hell began. This time was […]


  • The Art Of Layering Serums: Why And How To Do It

    I used to collect lipglosses. Now I collect serums. My bathroom cabinet is full to the brim with them. You’ll find the occasional cleanser or sheet mask in there, but you’ll have to wade through the sea of serums to get to them. I have one for everything. Retinol for wrinkles. Antioxidants for prevention. Vitamin […]


  • the ordinary retinol 1

    The Complete Guide To Retinol

    Retinol is the turtle of skincare. Silicones may get there first, filling those wrinkles in and making them look invisible in no time. But, a few short hours later, they desert you. You need another dose to pretend those wrinkles aren’t really there. Retinol takes its time. A lot of time. A month in, it’s […]


  • zelens-lip-treatment-oil

    Will Your Lips Love Zelens Lip Treatment Oil?

    I literally slather myself in oils from head to toe in winter. Olive oil pre-shampoo treatment on my locks. Facial oil. Body oil. Lip oil. I waterproof EVERYTHING. Better greasy than flaky, yo! In theory. Because in practice that are so many oils that aren’t greasy at all. And they still keep the flakiness at […]