Month: December 2016

  • Myrrh: The Skincare Gift Fit For A King

    “What’s that, mommy?” “It’s a resin with a smokey and balsamic, sometimes bitter, scent. It’s used as a fragrance or to heal wounds.” “Whyyyyyyy?” “Well, because it has anti-septic….” “No, mummy! I mean, why would you give that to a baby?! Why not a teddy bear?” “Er… cos he was a king, hun. You give […]


  • masque-bar-anti-blemish-mud-mask

    This Clay Mask Is Helping Me Get Clear Skin For Christmas

    It always happens at the worst of times. Like Christmas dinner. Or a holiday party. I’d been prepping for it for weeks and, that very morning, disaster strikes. A pimple as big as a house is comfortably sitting on my chin. Typical! There’s nothing like an unwanted zit to ruin the party mood, is there? […]