Month: September 2016

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    On The Hunt For The Gentlest Scrub Of All: Is This It?

    I still cringe when I think of my teenage self rubbing those scrubs all over my face. Too often, they left my skin all red. I thought it was a sign they worked. The glow would soon come, surely. It didn’t. They weren’t working. They were irritating my skin. Ouch! That’s the problem with physical […]


  • enzyme exfoliants

    The Complete Guide To Enzyme Exfoliants

    When I first got into skincare, I thought scrubs were the only way to exfoliate your skin (I know, duh!). Oh, how I loved rubbing those scrubs all over my face – seeing all those dead skin cells come off was so satisfying! But scrubs have a dark side. When I rubbed too enthusiastically, they’d […]


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    The Ultimate Guide To Skincare Boosters

    Whenever I think I’ve got my skincare routine all figured out, my skin goes and throws me a curveball. Take last winter. When the first gusts of freezing winds hit my skin, they suck all the moisture out of it. My skin flaked like crazy. And got so sensitive, even my trusted holy grails irritated […]