Month: July 2016

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    I Finally Got The Hype Of Sonic Facial Cleansers

    I never got into the whole sonic facial cleansers craze. Sure, those devices deep cleanse skin really well, but they are so cumbersome! And high-maintenance, too. You have to clean those nylon brush heads regularly if you don’t want them to become a playground for germs and bacteria or get so dirty they’re gonna clog […]


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    Homosalate: Is It Dangerous?

    Synthetic UV filters like company. Mineral sunscreens often use only ONE UV filter to keep your skin safe from UV harm but chemical sunscreens need way more than that. They often go for a combo of four or five. Why the heck is that? Lots of synthetic UV filters are weak. They can block some […]


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    Is This The Coolest Candle Ever?

    I’m probably the only beauty blogger who has never reviewed a candle before. I’m not a candle person. Skincare fascinates me. Perfume enchants me. Lipstick makes me feel powerful. But, a candle? It does nothing for me. Until I heard of Creative Energy Candles. When they melt, they turn into body balms. How cool is […]


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    The Innovative Primer You Have To Try

    Hyaluronic acid and I became BFF last winter. I don’t think my skin could have survived the freezing London weather without it. My skin was always dry and flaky before I added a hydrating serum with HA to my skincare routine. I know, I know, I should have done it before (in fact, you should […]