Month: March 2016

  • Jolene-Hart

    Eat Pretty: Interview With Jolene Hart

    Have you tried all the lotions and potions under the sun to cure your acne or eczema, but with no luck? Although I believe the right skincare products can do wonders for the skin, alone, they’re not enough. You gotta clean up your diet first. A healthy diet is key to a flawless complexion. That’s […]


  • zo skin health offects sulfur masque

    This Is What I Use To Get Rid Of Pimples In Two Days

    You’d think now my skin is on the drier side, pimples would be only a bad, distant memory. Not such luck, my friends. I don’t get them as often as before, it’s true, but the occasional pimple rears its ugly head, especially during that time of the month (oh, the joys of being a woman). […]


  • Parabens Alternatives: Which Ones Are Safe And Effective?

    You’d think that getting rid of parabens would make cosmetics safer. Quite the opposite, my friend. Badger sunscreens, Kutol hand and body lotions, and Nutek baby wipes are just some of the products that had to be recalled in the past couple of years because of bacteria or yeast contamination! Imagine opening your fave moisturizer and […]


  • Know Your Ingredients: Saccharide Isomerate

    What it is Saccharide Isomerate is derived from the D-glucose of wheat. Its composition is very similar to the moisturizing carbohydrate complex naturally found in the stratum corneum of human skin. What it does Saccharide isomerate is an emollient. It has the ability to bind to the ε-amino group of lysine in the keratin of […]