Month: October 2015

  • shellac

    Why I Won’t Try Shellac (And Neither Should You)

    I hate doing my nails. I can’t keep my hands still for the 5 minutes or so it takes nail polish to dry and it inevitably gets chipped. If, for some kind of miracle, my manicure survives the first 10 minutes, it still chips like crazy after a couple of days. I’m that hard on […]


  • 5 Body Image Myths, Busted!

    For most of my life, I hated my body. I used to think that, if only it were perfect, then I’d be happier and have both the job and man of my dreams. And to make it perfect, I needed to hate it, to punish it into shape. Because, if I started to like it […]


  • cerave moisturizing cream tube and jar

    Are Ceramides The Key To Healthy Skin?

    “It’s typical, isn’t it? You work hard every single day to moisturise skin and no one pays any attention to you. None. “Then, along come stem cells, peptides, and all those fancy new ingredients with exotic names and bam! instant limelight on them! And they don’t even work that well! SO unfair!” Poor ceramides! They have […]


  • after lola brows

    LoLa Brows: The Brows Game Changer

    Blending eyeshadows is so much fun. Putting on lipstick makes me feel confident. Doing my eyebrows is a chore. One I try to avoid whenever possible. If something isn’t fun, it’s just ain’t worth doing. At least, when it comes to makeup. I just wish I could paint my eyebrows on, and have them last […]