Month: September 2015

  • chamomile flowers

    7 Natural Ingredients That Can Irritate Your Skin

    We waste so much time worrying about the wrong things. We scream like women possessed at the mere sight of a spider (or is that just me?) yet we don’t hesitate to jump into a car to go wherever – guess which one is more likely to kill you? We opt for fat-free foods and […]


  • jasmina vico

    The Jasmina Effect

    “You’ve not been sleeping well lately, have you?”. That’s how Jasmina Vico, aesthetic skin therapist at Hari’s Salon in Brompton Road, greeted me as I entered her studio. I stopped in my tracks. “How does she know my insomnia’s back?,” I thought, “No one else has noticed (brightening serums and concealers do wonders at hiding my […]


  • skincare mistakes that give you hyperpigmentation

    The Best Skincare Regimen To Remove Sun Spots

    “Come out and play under my warm rays,” the sun invites you. It’s a promise full of light, warmth and carefree fun. How can you resist? What that sneaky sun never tells you is the price you have to pay for it: premature wrinkles and sun spots. They appear one day completely out of the blue. […]