Month: June 2014

  • 5 Beauty Bloggers Reveal Their Favourite Red Lipsticks

    Red lipstick is a statement piece. It’s classic, glamorous, and a confidence booster. It can also be intimidating. But it doesn’t have to be. Reds are a lot easier to pull off than most people think, and they suit everyone. Here, five top beauty bloggers share their favourite options for newbies, as well as their […]


  • Would You Pay $180 For A Bird Poop Facial?

    Would you be willing to pay $180 to have bird poop slathered all over your face? You’re all rolling your eyes and shaking your heads in disgust now, aren’t you? “Eww! No, of course not, Gio,” I hear you claim, outraged. “Who the hell would want THAT?!” I hear ya. I wouldn’t either. But what […]


  • colour-changing-cosmetics

    Can Cosmetics Magically Change Colour To Match Your Skin And Mood?

    Vibrating mascaras, one sweep eyeshadows, BB creams for hair… Beauty brands are always coming up with some crazy ideas to attract our attention and make us spend our hard-earned cash. The most ridiculous one? Blushes that match your skintones and moods… How can that even happen? Yet, these blushes do change colour sightly upon application […]


  • michelle labmuffin

    Her Beauty Secrets: Interview With Michelle Of Lab Muffin

    It’s with great pleasure that today I bring you an interview with one of my favourite bloggers, Michelle of Lab Muffin. In her blog, Michelle sets the record straight on many beauty myths, and explains the science behind beauty and how products work in a simple and straight-to-the-point way. She’s also obsessed with nail polish […]