Month: May 2014

  • silicone buildup

    How To Easily Remove Silicone Buildup From Hair

    Silicone build up is a NON-problem. There, I said it. If you’ve stopped using conditioners or styling products with silicones because you thought they’d build up on your hair, you can go back to them now. Not convinced? Hear me out: What Are Silicones? Silicones are derived from silica, a common mineral that makes up […]


  • review mario badescu silver powder

    Can Mario Badescu Silver Powder Really Unclog Pores?

    Can I be honest here? The name Silver Powder makes me think more of a scammy concoction some snake oil salesman whipped up in his kitchen than a professional skincare treatment to unclog pores. But if it works, I’ll take it. Does it? Work, I mean. Here’s the truth about Mario Badescu Silver Powder… What’s […]


  • the ordinary glycolic acid toning solution

    Is It Ok For Skincare Products To Tingle?

    Uh oh, there it goes again. Your’s skin tingling. Just after applying that new serum. Is it meant to do that? It must be, right? If it tingles, it works. Beauty magazines have repeated that a dozen times. But then… Why is my skin turning redder? What’s going on? Is this normal?! Not really. Sometimes […]


  • Pack Smart: Skincare Tips For Travelling

    Summer is almost here, and that means sun, sea, sand and much-needed holidays. Yay! That brings the question: what are you going to bring with you in your carry-on bag? You definitely need sunscreen. And a cleanser. And an anti-aging serum. And, your entire skincare routine, basically. But how to make it all fit into […]


  • hayley london beauty queen

    Her Beauty Secrets: Interview With Hayley Of London Beauty Queen

    I’m very excited to bring you this interview with one of my favourite bloggers, Hayley Carr, aka London Beauty Queen. Hayley started blogging in 2010 and, pretty soon, London Beauty Queen became one of the most popular beauty blogs in the UK, and has won numerous awards! London Beauty Queen features product reviews, skincare tips, […]


  • tan isn't worth dying for 01

    A Tan Isn’t Worth Dying For

    Summer is fast approaching, and I can’t wait. I love the hot and sunny weather. The cute skimpy clothes. Eating ice cream without shivering… But there’s one thing that I really can’t stand about summer: having to justify my lack of tan. When you live in a coastal town, having a tan is the done […]