Month: January 2014

  • what pa on sunscreen means

    What Does PA On Sunscreen Labels Stand For?

    If SPF is all about how much sun protection a sunscreen gives you, what does PA+ stands for? I mean, there must be a reason why this acronym has been popping up on so many sunscreen bottles lately… What is your sunscreen trying to tell you? Let’s solve the mystery: What’s The Difference Between SPF […]


  • women's magazines

    How Going On A Media Fast Helped My Self-Esteem

    I started hating my body when I was 14. Until then, I hadn’t paid much attention to my body. There were no magazines that told me my thighs were too big and my boobs not perky enough. There was no internet teaching me to compare my body to a skinny model and humiliate me for […]


  • hydroquinone vs kojic acid for skin-lightening

    Should You Use Hydroquinone Or Kojic Acid?

    Want to fade dark spots? You’ve heard that hydroquinone is the gold standard… and the devil. Isn’t there something less irritating? Kojic Acid may be it. But… wouldn’t that work more slowly? There’s always a trade off. That’s why you need to get clear on what’s most important to you and which skin-lightener can give […]