Month: September 2013

  • piz buin 1 day long sunscreen and after sun lotion

    Sunscreen Lingo: How To Decipher Sunscreen Labels

    Can you decipher sunscreen labels? I mean, what does “broad-spectrum” really mean? Does your sunscreen need to be water-resistant, too? And why the heck are there stars on the bottle? The law states brands need to give you all the info to help you make an informed choice (and I’m totally on board with that). […]


  • must have eyeshadow brush

    5 Eye Brushes Every Woman Should Own

    Wonder how some people can blend together bright eyeshadows seamlessly or create the most perfect smoky eyes? Practice + the right tools. The right eyeshadow brush can make all the difference in the world. Truth is, even Charlotte Tilbury would struggle to create her masterpieces if she could rely only on sponge-tipped applicators. But with […]