Month: April 2013

  • urea for dry and sensitive skin

    What Is Sebum (And Why You Need It)?

    I have a riddle for your today. What is your skin’s BFF and its worst enemy at the same time? Its frenemy, you know? Ok, I’ll tell you… Sebum. When skin makes just enough of it, a miracle happens: your skin is perfectly moisturized. It is soft to the touch. It’s plumper. It glows. It’s […]


  • wear sunscreen mirrors

    Should You Wear Sunscreen In Front Of Mirrors?

    Remember when we talked about wearing sunscreen indoors? UVA rays easily get through glass, so if you’re driving or just spending a lot of time near big windows (damn those modern offices!), you’re not safe from UV harm – unless you put that sunscreen on. But what about mirrors? Let’s say your house or office […]


  • can you use your child's sunscreen

    Is Talc Dangerous?

    Growing up, talc was a staple in my house. My mum would dust the powder on me and my sister after a bath. I don’t think we liked it much because when we became old enough to have baths on our own, we stopped using it. But talc didn’t give up on me. It sneakily came […]