Month: January 2013

  • cerave eye repair cream

    4 Ways To Treat Flaky Eyelids

    Blending those eyeshadows can be a real challenge. It gets even worse when my lids are dry and flaky. Then, it’s just impossible to get a decent look. When that happens, I just give up on eyeshadow and gently apply moisturizer on my lids. But, too often, that’s not enough to fix the problem. Here’s […]


  • why your face turns white in photos

    Help! Why Does My Face Turn White In Photos?

    It happened again. You’ve spent hours getting ready for your BFF’s birthday party. You know that cute guy will be there and you want to look your best. A touch of mascara to bring out the lashes, foundation to even out the skintone, a dab of lipgloss to make your pout shine… You look in […]


  • baby sunscreen safe

    Can You Apply Sunscreen On A Baby?

    I know you’re putting on sunscreen every morning, RIGHT? But do you use it on your baby too? Sure, you could argue that 6 months is way too young to start worrying about wrinkles – and you’re totally right. When you have a baby, that’s the least of your concerns. But forget about wrinkles for […]