Month: July 2012

  • Mukti Rosehip eye gel review

    Is Mukti Rosehip Eye Gel The Best Eye Cream For Oily Skin?

    These days, I rarely use eye creams. My day moisturizer doubles up as an eye cream for me so I don’t feel the need to purchase a separate product for the eye area. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy trying something new when I have the chance. When the lovely Tine of Beautyholics […]


  • pears soap

    The History Of Pears Soap

    Did you know that Pears’ Soap is the world’s oldest continuous brand? Founded in 1789, their almost transparent amber soap bars are still an iconic presence in many households 200 years later. So iconic that, when Uniliver changed the 220+ year old formula, people started a Facebook campaign to bring back the original. But what […]


  • jan marini bioglycolic cleanser

    Do Exfoliating Cleansers Work?

    You need cleanse and exfoliate. These steps AREN’T optional. Why not buy an exfoliating cleanser and do both at the same time? It’ll save you money and time in the evening, right? Not so fast… There are two types of cleansing exfoliants: physical and chemical. One of them doesn’t work. The other one does, but […]