Month: January 2011

  • love your body

    5 Tips To Learn To Love Your Body Just The Way It Is

    Truth bomb: accepting yourself and the way you look is one of the hardest things you’ll ever have to do. Society doesn’t make it easy. Instagram and TV are constantly shoving perfection down our throats. They make you feel like you’re not worthy of love unless you look like a supermodel. And so it begins. […]


  • purple concealer guide

    How To Use Purple Concealer

    In the past few months, we talked about pink, yellow and orange color corrective concealers. It’s now time to find out what purple concealers do. As usual, to understand how this color can be used to hide imperfections on your face, we have to refer to the colour wheel. If you’re read the previous posts, […]


  • epionce renewal facial lotion review

    Quercetin in Skincare Products: How Effective Is It?

    Every skincare brand has its antioxidant darling. Caudalie has resveratrol (from grapes). Nivea has co-enzyme Q10. Korres has quercetin. Literally no one had heard of quercetin before Korres proudly showed off its name on all its skincare products. Now, it’s on everyone’s lips. Rumour has it, it can reduce wrinkles and make your skin firmer […]