Month: November 2010

  • red dye 33

    Red 33: Is It Dangerous?

    Ever wondered why natural lipstick shades come only in boring nudes or unassuming pale pinks? It’s not lack of creativity. Or customer demand. It’s luck of dyes. There are some colours you simply can’t achieve with natural dyes. Red is the main one. Natural red dyes are usually too sheer, don’t adhere well to the […]


  • yellow concealer guide

    How To Use Yellow Concealer

    Have you ever used yellow concealer? FYI, when I say “yellow”, I mean “yellow”. Not beige-yellow or flesh-coloured-yellow. Lemon yellow. I know, that’s weird, right? Yet, yellow concealer is a precious ally when you’re not feeling too good. Here’s what it does: What Are The Benefits Of Yellow Concealer? Yellow concealers do three important jobs: […]


  • pink concealer guide

    How To Use Pink Concealers

    Have you ever used a pink concealer? Pink concealers are tricky because they don’t work on anyone. But if they do, they can help you with all sorts of things, from hiding redness to hiding dark circles. Here’s how to know if a pink concealer is right for you: What Are The Benefits Of Pink […]