Month: June 2010

  • uvb vs uva rays difference

    What’s The Difference Between UVA And UVB Rays?

    Can you believe that for decades sunscreen protected you only from UVB rays? No one gave a crap about UVA rays. They don’t cause sunburns, so you can’t see the damage they do as quickly. *sighs* But don’t think for a moment that makes them less dangerous. Turns out, UVA rays are worse than UVB […]


  • women's magazines

    Why I don’t read women’s magazines anymore

    I started reading women’s magazines in high school while trying to figure out this makeup thing. I couldn’t ask my mum – the only makeup she ever wore is nail polish. My friends weren’t into it – if anything, they came to me for advice. Youtube wasn’t around yet. I had to rely on magazines […]


  • ingredients to avoid in nail polish

    Should You Avoid These 3 Common Nail Polish Ingredients?

    Have you noticed? These days you can’t buy a nail polish without someone telling you what’s NOT in it. “Buy me, I’m free fom Toluene!” “No, pick me!  I’m free from Toluene AND Formaldehyde”. It’s like a race. The brand that removes the most “nasties” wins. But are there any nasties in nail polish? Mmmm… […]


  • deodorant and antiperspirant

    What’s the difference between antiperspirants and deodorants?

    Did you know there’s a difference between deodorants and antiperspirants? Until a few years ago, I thought they were the same thing. Duh! Hey, in my defence, they’re both supposed to make you smell nice. But, as it turns out, they work in two very different ways: What Are Antiperspirants? What they do: They stop […]