Month: May 2010

  • buying makeup on ebay

    8 Tips to Buy Makeup on Ebay Safely (And Avoid Fakes)

    When I was younger, I was addicted to Ebay. I’d literally spend hours on the site looking for some great deals. It was my gateway to all those luxury makeup products that weren’t available in Italy. For a fraction of the cost, too! Can you see why I couldn’t get enough of it? Unfortunately, eBay […]


  • beauty secrets elizabethan era

    Beauty History: The Elizabethan Era

    Pale, alabaster skin. Curly, red hair. Thin, arched brows. Elizabeth I, daughter of Henry XVIII and his second wife Anne Boleyn, perfectly personified the beauty ideal of the era. All the women at court wanted to look like her. Here’s the lengths they went through to make that happen: Face Back then, a pale complexion […]


  • badger balm zinc oxide sunscreen cream spf 30

    What Can I Do If I’m Allergic To Sunscreen?

    Did you know you can be allergic to sunscreen? I’m not talking about hating a greasy texture or a white cast. These are nuisances, but they don’t ruin your skin. I’m talking about an itchy, red rash that stings. And swells. What’s going on? Some of the UV filters that protect you from the harmful […]