Month: March 2010

  • wrong concealer

    Help! I’ve Bought The Wrong Concealer!

    Have you ever bought a concealer and then regretted it because the colour was wrong or you didn’t like the texture? I always end up with the wrong colour. I’m so pale, the lightest shade often tends to be too dark for my complexion. And if, by some kind of miracle, I get the shade […]


  • best secrets ancient greeks

    Beauty History: Cosmetics In Ancient Greece

    We all want what we can’t have. The Ancient Greeks were no different. Dark-haired and bronze-skinned, their ideal of beauty was the total opposite: long and curly golden locks, and pale porcelain skin. So they faked it. Here’s how: Skin In Ancient Greece, pale skin was a sign of prestige and beauty. It meant women (and […]