Month: July 2009

  • acid mantle

    How to do a skin patch test

    Did you know that any ingredient – even something innocuous like chamomile or water – can cause an irritation or allergy to someone? Yep, even natural ingredients. I mean, there are people out there who are allergic to water. And what’s more natural and safe than water?! Why am I telling you all this? You […]


  • piz buin 1 day long sunscreen and after sun lotion

    13 Sunscreen Myths You Need To Stop Believing Now

    How the heck are you supposed to use sunscreen right if everyone has a different opinion about it?! Apply it before you go to the beach. No, you can slather it on once you get there. Use it every day, even if you’re not going to the beach. No wait, you won’t get your vitamin […]


  • how depilatory creams really work

    How Do Depilatories Work?

    I’m definitely a shaver, but I’ve dabbled in depilatory creams sometimes. As much as I love the ease and convenience of shaving, it’s a chore I have to do every day. Depilatory creams promise to keep my legs hair-free for 4 or 5 days, so, of course, I gave them a try. Unfortunately, they never […]